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The Vision of International College (IC) is to empower learners of today to be global citizen leaders of tomorrow. 


The Mission of IC is to empower learners to take initiative, think critically and serve as role models in a global society.  The curriculum aims for excellence at all levels and embraces the education of the whole person.  Graduates of IC will have developed self-confidence, problem-solving and decision-making abilities as well as self-discipline, social and environmental responsibility and an awareness of and respect for the connected nature of our global community. 

School News

Visual Arts Presentation

Art curator and collector, Dina Tabbara Zamili speaks to IB II students about their upcoming exhibition...

Day Ski Trips

Elementary School taking advantage of our snow-filled winter... 

Ain Aar Security

An interview with Raghida Abou Serhal on the fantastic Ain Aar security team...

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