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Core Values

International College promotes an environment of honesty, respect, responsibility, and trust. It encourages students to take pride in themselves, their talent and ability, their school, their teachers, and classmates. The following are conduct and honor expectations for all IC students.


The IC core values are the central beliefs that guide the mission and culture of every member of the school community.


• Exhibiting kindness, caring, and a willingness to help others

• Having the ability to understand and share the feelings and emotions of others




• Assuming ownership for one’s work, words, deeds, and actions

• Exercising personal courage to do the “right” thing by taking action against wrongdoing, regardless of peer pressure

• Accepting accountability for one’s choices



• A commitment to truthful words and actions

• A commitment to academic honesty and integrity



  • A commitment to appreciate others, their views, and values

• A commitment to honorable and respectful behavior

• Attending all classes on time, contributing positively to discussions, meeting academic deadlines, and performing to the best of one’s ability

• Following school and classroom rules and procedures