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Definition of High Quality Teaching and Learning

  • We are a tri-lingual community of empowered learners who value diversity, inclusivity, and service.
  • We thrive on a liberal education system founded on an international-minded inquiry-based approach that fosters free and critical thinking skills.
  • We equip our teachers with the necessary knowledge and classroom tools.
  • We adopted the Danielson framework to coach and monitor teachers in planning and preparing their lessons.
  • We comprehend how children learn, how they develop knowledge and skills, and how they can be further supported to acquire more skills.
  • We safeguard the well-being of our students and community.
  • We rely on a coherent, systematic approach to transformational learning, driven and shaped by a learning eco-system that includes an architecture of learning, a culture of learning, and an ecology of learning.
  • We focus on the impact of learning on the learner or what best engages and challenges students, increases retention, and contributes to cumulative learning.
  • We seek to ensure long-term retention of knowledge, fluency in key skills, and the ability to use critical skills to empathize, create, and serve our community.