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Tuition Assistance

The Board of Trustees of IC has endorsed new measures to make sure that every child who qualifies can benefit from an IC education. 

  1. Tuition support will be 25%;
  2. Tuition assistance will no longer be limited to two children per family;
  3. Students will be able to access tuition assistance from the first year they register at IC.

IC is more than a school; it is a family. We need to rally together now to weather the crisis Lebanon is currently facing. The IC administration and its Board of Trustees are committed to every child and every family, and it will do everything possible to support them.

Click here to read the full message from IC President Joel Peinado. 

To access the Tuition Assistance Application, click here.

Together We Will

Through the generosity of its donors who are keeping the Tuition Assistance Fund going, IC’s very worthwhile Tuition Assistance program provides 13% of IC families with the support needed during difficult times as well as protecting the diversity of the student body. 

IC Scholars, those on 100% financial benefits, are at IC from Grade 10 to 12 and can rest assured of their place at the school over the three years as well as benefit from sports or other extra-curricular trips locally and abroad, thanks to all our generous donors.  Watch the videos to view three of the school’s recent IC Scholars and their experience, and exciting future!

Follow the link to discover more on IC's tuition  assistance:

Tuition Assistance Application