The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of students that represent all the different grades and educational programs, and that work on spreading the IC Spirit.  Together, these students work on creating a better environment in order for them to have a better relationship with their teachers and a more memorable year at their school.  The SRC focuses on establishing this positive student-teacher communication, where they represent a common ground between both sides of any situation.

The SRC is elected by their classmates and work together under the leadership of a Student President that is elected through Secondary School students voting, and following a promotional campaign that embodies the candidate’s goals throughout the school year.

The SRC organizes several events inside and outside of the school, which helps them raise money for numerous charities and for funding their senior prom night.  This allows students to work together as a team and communicate their different ideas together in order to attain the same goal.  The events that the SRC organizes also allow students to come together as one where new friendships are made.  These different gatherings are also opportunities for students to express themselves, share their ideas and make them feel even more like they have a place where they belong.