Music is fundamental to human expression on many levels.  At International College, our music department gives students the curriculum and environment to learn about, explore, experience, perform and enjoy music in relation to themselves, others and the world around them, from the past right through to the present.  The music program runs from Preschool to Grade 11, with some students even able to take classes in Grade 12 within the French Baccalaureate (Terminale).

Our program includes learning music from the Lebanese and Middle-Eastern culture, and the school has instruments to accompany and advance that learning. 

At IC we cultivate the development of vocal, instrumental and theoretical skills that are necessary for aesthetic enrichment and creative musical expression.  Through this process, our over-arching goal is to always aim to develop life skills necessary for creating global citizens.

A sense of organization, teamwork and cooperation are all strongly developed within the music program, without which students wouldn't be able to play or sing as an “ensemble”.

Students learn to listen to each other and multi-task as this is the pure nature of music.

IC offers many opportunities for students across the school to participate in choir, dance and band activities and performances.

Choir clubs and performing arts clubs allow students to express and present their talent in singing, playing, interpreting and/or dancing in the most creative way, while also giving them a taste of being on stage.

The music department, at a variety of age levels, presents many performances both within and outside of IC, such as the Christmas concerts for the Ayadina NGO.  The school also takes part in “Zeki Nassif Choir Competitions” and the “Rencontre autour de la chanson Francophone.”

The aim of the department is to educate students to have self-confidence and to share their know-how and culture to the world.

IC's music department has been part of the Association of Music in International Schools (AMIS) since 2003, and choir students participate regularly in three festivals annually: The Honor boys choir, the Honor girls choir and the senior Honor mixed choir.  Each experience gives them the opportunity to meet with music students from around the globe and share harmonies under the direction of professional conductors.

At IC, we believe that “music is not what we do but who we are!”