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The AGC offers an intensive leadership and dynamic citizenship program through a Community Engaged Learning (CEL) model. Spread over three years, starting with the 10th grade, the program mentors students through a sequenced journey, beginning with extensive volunteering with an array of grassroots organizations and culminating with students leading Community Service Projects (CSPs). 

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Pedal Power

The project is set at IC with the IC community members as our volunteers. Our target
community is communities in need of energy. We are looking at public schools or a community of students who need energy to power their electronics for education. Our project is important because its purpose is to provide green energy to communities in need. The aim is to generate energy through the physical activity of cycling. The project links to the nationwide electricity crisis occurring now in Lebanon. We are targeting SDGs 3 (Good health and well-being), 7 (affordable and clean energy), and 10 (reducing inequalities).