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Co-Curricular & Clubs

Student activities are an integral part of an IC education, in line with the philosophy that taking part in life outside the classroom through co-curricular activities is essential to helping students develop initiative, self-confidence, and responsible citizenship. Such activities develop in students a sense of awareness and appreciation for individual differences and respect for the environment. To develop these essential attitudes, IC has a large variety of clubs and societies (over 130!) that are cultural, philanthropic, athletic, and social.

Depending on the age of the student, co-curricular activities include:

  • drama,
  • debate,
  • music,
  • An athletic program
  • and art activities.  

Other extra-curricular activities include Arabic club, math club, press, photography, folk dancing, archery, chess, general knowledge, cinema, and robotics (complementing our pioneering STEAM education and facilities).  Each club or activity is led by a faculty member who is highly knowledgeable about the subject.  

IC students take part in national and international conferences of the Model United Nations, national science fairs, national and international environmental conferences, drama productions, and in music competitions and concerts both inside and outside Lebanon.

IC’s location makes it accessible to historical sites and cultural events in and around Lebanon. Field trips, both educational and recreational, are scheduled into the academic year.  Students visit theaters, museums, historical sites, art exhibitions, and book fairs.  They go on field trips related to their science, environmental studies, art, and social studies courses.

Co-curricular activities at school are crucial in producing well-rounded students. They go hand-in-hand with academics. Benefits include learning new skills, improved academic performance, and better management skills.