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The Snack Bar on the Ras Beirut campus has earned the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), an internationally recognized food safety certificate, and the Ain Aar snack bar has earned the QPA (Q-Platinum Award), another internationally recognized food safety certificate.

A nutritionist works closely with the caterer, students, and parents to plan menus that meet students’ nutritional needs and provide them with models of healthy eating.  A hot meal is served daily at both campuses. The cafeterias also sell an array of nutritious sandwiches and other food choices including a selection of salads, fruits, and vegetables.

In addition, there are two vending machines on the Ras Beirut campus  - one next to Tayeb Gym and one in front of Rockefeller Hall.  They are turned on after 3:00 pm (when the cafeteria closes) and offer a variety of healthy snacks, water, and juices.