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Athletics have long played an integral role at IC since its inception in 1891 in Turkey. In fact, IC's founder, Rev. Alexander MacLachlan is credited in being the first one to introduce intramural games in Turkey and was the driving force behind the highly popular annual interscholastic Field Day in Smyrna (today's Izmir). 

More than a hundred later, athletics continue to play a major role at IC. The school’s long line of successes in a variety of team and individual sports has put IC on the map locally, regionally and even globally. We currently have 94 teams competing locally and internationally including football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, rugby union, and track & field.  There is virtually a sport to satisfy every student. 

 So if you are sports mad, or even if you are looking to take part in athletics for the first time, you will find your place in one of our many teams.

Physical education is an important part of the school's curriculum.  Students are assessed in their athletic abilities beginning at the nursery level.  PE classes take place in state-of-the-art athletic facilities which include  gymnasiums, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts and football fields spread across the school’s two campuses.  The facilities boast high standard equipment.  At the elementary level, students attend regularly scheduled classes that develop motor coordination and movement skills.  At the middle and secondary school levels, PE classes concentrate on the techniques required for both team and individual sports.  IC’s four programs of International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, Lebanese Baccalaureate and College Preparatory Program offer opportunities for physical education within the curriculum.  Moreover, inter-house competitions aimed at promoting student participation in athletics and sportsmanship, are routinely held on campus. 

Athletic team members, girls and boys, also represent IC at both local and international athletic competitions including football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, rugby union, archery, badminton, gymnastics, table tennis, swimming, taekwondo, and track & field.  We strongly encourage audience attendance at matches, cheering our teams!

Each spring, IC hosts the Alton Reynolds tournaments, which feature football and basketball competitions between IC and various schools. We are proud to boast that IC is currently the Boys’ Varsity and Junior Varsity champions in football and basketball!

At the end of each year, the Athletics Department invites its athletes to an on-campus dinner and presents them with awards and certificates including the 'Best Male and Female Athlete of the Year' award and the highly sought after 'IC Cougar of the Year' award.  These awards do not just represent great sportsmanship but leadership and teamwork abilities.