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Athletics, the beginnings at IC

Athletics have long played an integral role at IC since its inception in 1891 in Turkey. In fact, IC's founder, Rev. Alexander MacLachlan is credited in being the first one to introduce intramural games in Turkey and was the driving force behind the highly popular annual interscholastic Field Day in Smyrna (today's Izmir). 

More than a hundred years later, athletics continue to play a major role at IC. The school’s long line of successes in a variety of team and individual sports has put IC on the map locally, regionally and even globally.


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Athletics Department – Contact

Ras Beirut: (961) 03 592 598 Ext: 189              Ain Aar: (961) 04 911 247 Ext: 535

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Head of Ahletics

Omar Shmaitilly


Ain Aar Coordinator

     Assad El Hajj

Ras Beirut Coordinator

    Karine Naji