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Civic Commitment

Community Service at IC has been designed to foster in our students a spirit of responsibility, creativity, citizenship, and social responsibility and for them to serve as role models in a global society. The program is important to help students develop the values of integrity, service, and respect for individual differences.  It offers students the opportunity to learn about and volunteer with different institutions and non-governmental organizations working in Lebanon. Program themes include the environment, health, human rights, individuals with disabilities, disadvantaged groups (street children, orphans, delinquent juveniles, and refugees), libraries and literacy as well as awareness and support campaigns.

Civic commitment directs students' attention towards the problematic issues of their communities. They assess their needs and figure out a way to help others. Civic commitment helps develop students' emotional literacy as they assume different roles and responsibilities and acquire the characteristics of emerging leaders.


FALL 2023

The Ain Aar Grade 7 students finalized their year-long civic commitment project. After categorizing the books that IC Ain Aar’s library generously donated and after painting the walls and refurbishing the furniture for the reading corner, the students of grade 7 shelved the books and set the final scene for the public school library visitors to come pick up their books. 

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Many seniors in our community live alone with no family members  and this is how the civic commitment initiative was born. The grade 6/6ème students' mission was to invite the elderly of the community around the school to  board game mornings while the 5ème students organized a lunch for the elderly on Mothers’ Day. Both initiatives were a great success as our students showed empathy while having fun.

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As part of their Interdisciplinary Project “Different But Not Less” and after having visited Message De Paix and assessing the community needs, Grade 9 LB and 3ème students came up with 2 Action Plans. The first action plan was to organize a fun day for the special needs students during which they would hike, plant, and entertain them. The second action was to create a scrapbook that they will keep as a souvenir of this memorable day. Both actions were successfully achieved.

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The Akle w Bassme Truck on Wheels 

Lebanese Nostalgia and Fundraising 

Deir Mar Semaan 

School Stationary Initiative 

IC is committed to empowering its students to become global citizen leaders of tomorrow. An important part of this citizenship entails taking on social responsibilities and serving disadvantaged communities locally and internationally.

In the wake of the two massive earthquakes that hit south-eastern Turkey and Syria on Monday, February 6th, students and administration were mobilized to collect relief items. This collection campaign was done in collaboration with the Lebanese Red Cross.

Students' engagement was highlighted in all schools' plans.

The involvement of the IC community as a whole in this relief campaign initiative is yet another demonstration of the school's civic commitment to address social adversities. It is indeed a testimony of the IC community coming together to work for the common good.

Message de Paix 

 FiFA World Cup Screening

Enfants de Lumière 

Public Library