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IC Responsibility


IC is committed to empowering its learners to become global citizen leaders of tomorrow thus ensuring its students are socially responsible. They are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty, and benefit the whole of society. 

At IC, Social Responsibility is integrated in the learning, school strategies and plans. It encompasses all school subjects and extends far beyond the classroom. It gives students real-world skills they can use to improve the planet and provides them with the self-sufficiency they need for tomorrow.

Through the Ali Ghandour Center's program, students are mentored through a sequenced journey, beginning with extensive volunteering with an array of grassroots organizations and culminating with students leading Community Service Projects. 

The AGC offers an intensive leadership and dynamic citizenship program through a Community Engaged Learning (CEL) model. Spread over three years, starting with the 10th grade, the program mentors students through a sequenced journey, beginning with extensive volunteering with an array of grassroots organizations and culminating with students leading Community Service Projects (CSPs). 

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IC’s sustainability vision is to position the school as a leading territorial actor for sustainable development.

IC’s environmental sustainability mission is to:

  1. -       Educate the school community - youth and adults - about the principles and challenges of environmental sustainability;
  2. -       Engage in good environmental practices within and outside the school;
  3. -       Work for an environmentally friendly infrastructure within the school.


In the frame of IC's Environmental Sustainability Program and Primary Years Program (PYP), and as part of the unit of inquiry “Sharing the Planet” which focuses on energy, IC’s grade 5 students have decided to take action and install solar powered lights in one of the streets of Verdun. After raising 52 million LBP at school, students collaborated with the Lebanon of Tomorrow NGO to install 15 photovoltaic street lights to ensure riders and passengers drive safety during the nights. 

From Apples to Vinegar 

Counteracting Deforestation 

Towards a Green School in Ain Aar 

Save the Forest

Service Learning is an integral part of educational approach where students learn theories in the classroom and at the same time volunteers with non-profit organizations and engage in reflection activities to deepen their understanding of what is being taught.



Today, during the NGO fair, Grade 11 students had the chance to meet with 13 NGOs, inquire about the nature of their work and choose the one they will be working with as part of their commitment to 15 hours of civic commitment. 

The Annual NGO Fair 

First Aid Training with the Lebanese Red Cross 

Community Service at IC has been designed to foster in our students a spirit of responsibility, creativity, citizenship, and social responsibility and for them to serve as role models in a global society. The program is important to help students develop the values of integrity, service, and respect for individual differences.  It offers students the opportunity to learn about and volunteer with different institutions and non-governmental organizations working in Lebanon. Program themes include the environment, health, human rights, individuals with disabilities, disadvantaged groups (street children, orphans, delinquent juveniles, and refugees), libraries and literacy as well as awareness and support campaigns.



The Akle w Bassme Truck on Wheels 

Message de Paix 


Lebanese Nostalgia and Fundraising 

 FiFA World Cup Screening

Deir Mar Semaan 

Enfants de Lumière 

Public Library 

School Stationary Initiative