Useful Links & Databases

When it comes to research, a lot of reliable information is freely available online - you just need to know where to find it.
Try the links below for resources in English, French, and where to find copyright free images.

In English:

  • DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals: Huge Database of open-access peer-reviewed journals and articles.

  • Social Sciences Research Network: "SSRN´s eLibrary provides 763,048 research papers from 355,259 researchers across 30 disciplines." Subjects include: health, finance, biology, literature, politics, philosophy, economics, anthropology etc. Articles are easily downloadable for free as PDFs.

  • Elsevier Open Access Journals: Thousands of peer reviewed open-access journals, mostly in English but also contains some journals in French and Spanish. Mostly scientific materials. Includes titles such as: 'Reviews in Physics'; 'Journal of Physiotherapy'; 'Journal of Infection and Public Health'; 'Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness'; 'Intellectual Economics' etc.

  • Digital Commons Network: Open-access full-text scholarly articles from 530 universities.Their collection is ever growing.

  • Highwire: Brought to you by Stanford University, this database contains a very large amount of open-access peer-reviewed journals, particularly in science and medicine. Some of the journals only give partial free access, but as you will see the Highwire list of what is available is very self-explanatory.

  • World Digital Library: a project combined by the Library of Congress and Unesco to give access to thousands of audio materials and photographs related to countries and cultures.

  • Core: Open access database of academic articles, with close to 80 million articles. Articles retrieved are downloadable as PDFs.

  • Google Scholar: Searchable exactly like Google is, but it only retrieves scholarly articles, although many are not open access. In most cases, if there is a link on the right side when you search, then you will have access free to the article/website.

  • British Library Online Resources: Thousands of items from the British Library collection in History, Literature, and Social Studies. Browse the various categories to access the resources and expert commentary.

  • Microsoft Academic Research: Search for millions of papers in a different way: this is a semantic search engine rather than keyword based one! 

  • Arab Encyclopedia: In Arabic. Articles, maps, images. Entirely open-access.

  • JURN: Search engine to locate millions of free articles in the fields of science, genetics, law, arts, humanities, medicine, ecology and business. Pretty powerful.

  • Oxford Open: Provided by Oxford University Press. Around 40 journals available open-access. Scroll down the page and click on the journal cover you are interested in.

  • Refseek: Academic search engine. 2 search options: 1 for the web, 1 for documents.  Locates only academic information.

  • ScienceOpen: A research and publishing network. Good database. You will need to select OPEN ACCESS in the filters to be able to read the free articles, and you will be required to log in. Tells you how many times each article has been viewed and cited from.

  • PLOS: Public Library of Science: Peer reviewed open access science journals in the fields of biology, medicine, genetics, pathogens, computational biology, and tropical diseases.


En Français:

  • Gallica: Bibliothèque numérique de la BNF, plus de 4,5 millions de documents/livres en ligne)

  • Core (80 millions d’articles en libre accès, quelques-uns en français mais en majorité en anglais)

  • Europeana (bibliothèque numérique européenne: collection d’images, documents, sons, vidéos etc. Plus de 15 millions de documents)

  • Bibliothèque du Réseau Francophone numérique (documents, images, articles de 26 pays francophones)

  • Moteur Collection, du Ministère de la Culture (plus adapté aux sciences humaines qu’aux sciences. Recherche plus de 70 bases de données, et donne un accès direct en ligne)

  • Univers Science (2000 vidéos en ligne)

  • Dictionnaire Larousse en ligne

  • Eduthèque: portail de ressources numériques pédagogiques (culturelles et scientifiques, vidéos, documents etc). Besoin de se créer un identifiant et un mot de passe pour accéder au service.


Copyright Free Images:

  • Dreamstime: Very good quality images with high resolution, downloadable very easily. Searchable by topic or through the search box.

  • Creative Commons: A good way to access millions of copyright free images. Type your research terms and then click on the databases you want to search from (Flickr, Pixabay, Open Clip Art etc).

  • Pexels: Also great quality images. Free download in the quality/resolution you want.

  • Stocksnap: Another good solution. Great high quality images. Searchable database.

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