Library Policies

General Library Policy:

The mission of all the school libraries at IC is to ensure that IC students and staff are literate, lifelong learners and have equal access to a wide variety of resources. 

The libraries aim to:

  • Provide instruction in acquiring, using, and evaluating information and ideas
  • Promote an enjoyment and life-long love of reading
  • Provide intellectual and physical access to materials in traditional and electronic formats
  • Collaborate with teachers to design and carry out research activities which support their curriculum
  • Maintain an up-to-date collection by examining, assessing, weeding, and renewing the collection regularly to support the curriculum and recreational reading.


Acquisitions Policy:

The policy of IC Libraries is to provide a wide range of resources, in many formats, at varying levels of difficulty, with wide-ranging appeal and different points of view to meet the needs of students and staff.

While everyone in the IC community may make suggestions for the library collection, responsibility for selection rests with the librarians at each library, in consultation with the Head Librarian. Selection is coordinated through the LMC by means of catalogs and reviewing tools. 

Library resources are chosen on the following basis:

  • They support the educational goals of IC.
  • They support and enrich the curriculum in the three languages of instruction (English, French and Arabic).
  • They enrich the curriculum of IC and the personal needs of users.
  • They are high in quality when judged by artistic merit and/or literary style, authority, accuracy, currency, and physical format.
  • Their reading level is appropriate for the users.
  • They are appropriate to the subject areas, emotional development, learning styles, and social development of students.
  • They are free of bias and stereotype.
  • They reflect the pluralistic nature of society.
  • They are recommended by students, parents, teachers, and professional press.
  • They are a new bestseller/important title/prize winner/sequel in a series.


Weeding Policy:

Weeding is a necessary process in the collection development of all libraries. It is to take place every year in each library at IC.

Items to be weeded can be made on the following criteria:

  • Information is no longer up to date or relevant
  • The resource is worn out/in poor condition
  • Repetition of information over a same subject
  • Level of use

Weeded materials are first deleted from our LMS, then stamped with a DISCARDED stamp, and then either recycled or sent to local schools.


Censorship Policy:

Whilst the libraries aim to provide a wide diversity of resources, we need to remember the following points when choosing stock:

  • Avoid materials that can be seemed offensive to local culture and customs.
  • Avoid books banned in the area.
  • Fiction books deemed unsuitable for one library may be sent to the library of the level above.
  • Avoid sensitive fiction containing references to heavy drug use, prostitution, sex and excessive swearing.

Materials challenged by any member of the IC Community can be discussed with the Head Librarian, who will review each book case by case. 

The decision to retain or discard the resource will ultimately remain with the Head Librarian.


Responsible Behavior in the Library:

The Library is a learning space and as such we are expecting all students to act responsibly when they come, and respect others around them.

The librarians all play a role in maintaining a safe learning atmosphere in their libraries, and are encouraged to monitor students' behavior at all times.

The library staff are asked to use their common sense, in particular in terms of what is acceptable in terms of noise levels. Break times and lunchtimes are expected to be noisier. If students are found to be displaying any kind of disruptive behavior, they will be given two chances to correct their behavior. If this fails, they will be asked to leave the library.

By disruptive behavior, we refer to:

  • Excessive levels of noise
  • Throwing balls, pens, books, papers etc
  • Eating
  • Swearing or verbal abuse
  • Misuse of computers
  • Physical violence
  • Running around the library
  • Causing damages to the library
  • Inappropriate touching between students
  • Any other action which interferes with other students' learning or studying.

All matters of serious disruptive behaviour are to be reported to the Head Librarian who will inform the appropriate directors.



Donations Policy:

Many books are donated by students and staff every year.

Donations can be added to the library collection if:

  • They are in good physical condition
  • They can replace an older or damaged copy
  • They can be of value to staff and students
  • The reading level and themes are appropriate
  • They are popular titles
  • They fill a gap in the library stock

Donations not added to the library collection will be either recycled or donated to local schools or charities.


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