Ras Beirut Preschool

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Discovery of the library as a remarkable resource for life long learning begins at age 3 in the Nursery and Petite Section classes. Early in the school year, the Preschool library teacher comes to the classroom for weekly library time. She reads to the class to develop skills for listening and enjoying books. Later, they make the trip to the library for their weekly library class. Every visit includes a related hands-on activity, such as portraying story characters or actions, finger-puppet plays, songs, or drawing. KGI and Moyenne Section classes come to the library for a story or information book read-aloud. Students now can borrow books. They learn how to care for books, how to check them out, and how to behave in the library. When students reach KGII and Grande Section, library time includes learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction and the exciting independence that comes with choosing a book to check out and take home. The stories, information books, discussions, and activities enjoyed by all these classes are planned around communication between the library teacher and classroom teachers with the objective to make library time fully integrated with the PYP curriculum planners as they are being applied in the classroom.


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