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The Student Section provides timely and accurate billings to students and general users of the College’s services and ensures that payments and credits are received and properly applied to each student’s account in a timely manner. We also receive and apply all other cash payments made to the College, collect all delinquent accounts, and administer the Deferred Payment Tuition Program.


The mission of the Student Section is to efficiently enable and assist students in meeting their financial obligations with a focus on financial integrity and accountability. The Student Section is responsible for the management of key school financial resources and records, and acts as a central collection point for school receipts. In fulfilling our mission we promote and support:

  • Students service: We strive to provide helpful, knowledgeable assistance to students, campus departments and other constituents in a timely manner, and keep their interests in the forefront of our decision making.
  • Quality: We value the consistent delivery of accurate, timely information required by the parents and seek to be proactive in providing services.
  • Environmental responsibility: We support the campus commitment to protecting the environment by making process improvements that reduce waste and energy consumption through the use of technology.

Location & Office Hours 

Ras Beirut Campus, Thomson Hall ground floor
Office Hours    
Monday through Friday
Winter working hours:   7:30 am till 3:30 pm, Wednesday 7:30 am till 2:00 pm
Summer working hours: 8:00 am till 1:30 pm


The Student Section has compiled answers to questions regularly received by our department. We hope that your questions are included in this FAQ section.

Why does IC use e-billing?

Electronic billing is now the school’s official billing method for all students. The school has chosen an option that is easy, secure and green. Some of the features and benefits include:

  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • You will be notified by SMS once your e-bill is ready to be viewed.
  • The e-bill can be downloaded and printed.
  • Your e-bill and statement of account are accessible at anytime, anywhere.

Can I ask to continue to receive a paper invoice in the mail?

IC will no longer send the tuition bills with the students. The e-bill is an official document issued by the school that students can access easily and print if needed.

How will I be notified that my e-bill has been issued?

A circular will be posted on the website notifying that an e-bill has been generated and is ready for viewing, printing and for payment. Late payment penalties will not be cancelled because you were not notified. Students are responsible for paying their tuition fees within the prescribed time limits regardless of whether they receive an e-bill notification or not; they have online access to their statement of account at all times, and our school calendar on the website shows all fee deadlines. You are encouraged to check the school website often.

What are the tuition payment options?

  • ?Check Payment

International College accepts personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders. All checks must be issued in Lebanese pounds or U.S dollars. Personal checks are not accepted on delinquent balances. Refunds on check payments will not be issued earlier than 30 days after payment is received. Payment can be made in person at two convenient cashier office locations:

  • Business Office-Ras Beirut - Thomson Hall - ground floor.
  • The administration – Ain Aar campus.
  • Cash Payment

Cash payments are accepted from 7.30 am - till 3.00 pm on weekdays except on Wednesdays (7:30 – till 2); Summer hours are from 8 till 1:30 at the following locations:

    • Business Office - Ras Beirut - Thomson Hall - ground floor.
    • The administration – Ain Aar campus.
  • Wire Transfer

Wire transfer payments are accepted for tuition and fee payments.
Please make the wire transfer to:

  • BLOM Bank

BLOM Bank, Bliss Branch, Beirut, Lebanon
Lebanese Account No. 033/01/300/0880101/1/5
IBAN: LB43 0014 0000 3301 3000 8801 0115
Account Name: International College
Swift Code: BLOMLBBX


BLOM Bank, Bliss Branch, Beirut, Lebanon
Dollars Account No. 033/02/300/0880101/2/2
IBAN: LB56 0014 0000 3302 3000 8801 0122
Account Name: International College
Swift Code: BLOMLBBX
BLOM Bank, Bliss Branch, Beirut, Lebanon
Account name: International College

N.B: BLOM’s corresponding banks in NY are: Bank of New York or JP Morgan Chase Bank

  • HSBC Bank:

Account No.: 003-055308-100
Account Name: International College
IBAN : LB92000700000000003055308100
Swift Code: BBME LBBX
LEBANON Head Office, HSBC Building
Minet El Hosn
P.O.Box 11-1380
Beirut, Lebanon

Please make sure you include the student’s name and ID number with the transfer note.


How can I have access to my child’s e-bill?

The student pin functionality of IC s online payment system allows a student to assign a parent or authorized person to print out the statement of account and make the payment at the bank.
To access, please follow the steps below:

Log on to IC website: www.ic.edu.lb

  • Click on the Student Billing icon
  • Input student ID & password
  • Click on search
  • Print 3 copies of the student tuition fees slip
  • Pay at the following banks: Audi Bank- BLOM Bank – Byblos Bank.
  • Deadlines should be respected.
  • To keep all data secure and confidential, do not share your passwords with anyone and make sure to logout and close your browser when you are finished reviewing your e-bill.

What is the difference between my e-bill and my statement of account?

Your e-bill indicates the amount due at a specific moment in time and is issued before the beginning of each semester. Your statement of account reflects your account balance at the moment the system is updated as per the date mentioned at the top of your statement.

My e-bill balance doesn’t match my statement of account balance. Why?

A modification or a cancellation to your fees may affect the balance due on your account. Consult your statement of account to view your revised balance.

Can I still pay my school fees at a bank using my e-bill?

Absolutely, all you have to do is print your e-bill in three copies and bring it with you to your bank.

What if I can’t pay the tuition bill as a lump sum payment?

We have a tuition installment plan. It allows students to make tuition payments in easy monthly installments. It is an annual plan and not a semester one. The plan requests students to make a minimal payment that is specified by the Student Section. This amount should be paid at the time of establishing the plan. An amount of 50,000 L.L.is charged annually on each installment plan. Parents should respect the due date of each monthly installment and pay on time.

What are the tuition fees regulations?

By attending the school, the student becomes financially responsible for payment of all applicable fees by the published due dates.

Failure to make payment because the e-bill was not received does not exempt students from late payment fees. Students have to check the IC website once they get a memo from the Business Office about the due date of tuition fees. The penalty fee is applicable to all late payments made after the deadline set by the Business Office.

All tuition fees paid are non-refundable unless the student was asked by the school to withdraw or repeat. In order to get the refund, parents are asked to give the receipt of payment to the office manager of his school who should approve it and return it to the Student Section unit for a check refund to be ready within two weeks.

How can I apply for financial aid?

The application form for financial aid can be picked up from the corresponding school office or through the website.

In their first year at IC, students are not eligible for financial aid. Eligibility starts from year two onwards. Applications for financial aid should be submitted to the Student Section unit upon appointment. An interview is made with the parent/guardian of the applicant. Documents and deadlines should be considered. The committee for financial aid holds a meeting in May and makes the final decision concerning financial aid grants taking into consideration the remarks made by the interviewers, as well as the applicant's academic and disciplinary record.

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