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The Cashier’s Office collects, records, and deposits in a timely manner all monies received from students, faculty, staff, external sources and constituents of the school.  The office is also responsible for employee advances and reimbursements as well as travel expenses.  The office works in conjunction with the student accounts section in billing as well as in monitoring and managing the collection of outstanding student deferred payments. In addition, the Cashier’s Office provides foreign currency for faculty travelling on behalf of International College.


The Cashier’s Office mission is to deliver services and information in an efficient, responsive, and student-centered manner. We are committed to helping our students and their families meet their financial obligations to the College.  Our office produces accurate and timely student cash invoices, collects and processes payments, issues refunds, and ensures that funds are deposited without delay. 
We strive to create an environment that supports all of our patrons. Our students, families, faculty, staff and external third parties experience a friendly, efficient and informed application of the school policies and procedures.  It is our purpose to conduct our business transactions with the highest professional and ethical standards. This is accomplished by:

  • Processing and recording the school’s funds on a timely basis
  • Positive personal interactions with third parties
  • Use of modern technologies to maximize the school’s cash management

Location & Office Hours

Ras Beirut Campus, Thomson Hall ground floor
Office Hours:     
Monday through Friday
Winter working hours:   7:30 am till 3:00 pm, Wednesday 7:30 am till 2:00 pm
Summer working hours: 8:00 am till 1:30 pm


The Cashier Section has compiled answers to questions regularly received by our department. We hope that your questions are included in this FAQ section.

Where can I pay my children's tuition fees and what do I need to do so?

Please visit the Business Office on the ground floor of Thompson Hall. If you are making a deferred payment, please bring with you the deferred schedule. If you are paying the whole trimester fee, please bring the tuition slip which you can download from the website.

Do I need any documents in order to pay for my Health Insurance Plan (HIP)?

No documents are required in order to pay for Health Insurance Plan (HIP).

How do I get reimbursed for petty cash expenses or any item purchased for IC?

Any cash reimbursement, whether it is petty cash expenses or invoice for purchased items, needs to be approved by the concerned director first. Complete the Petty Cash Reimbursement form and have it signed by your director. Then, please drop the document at the cashier's office and allow five days for processing.

What should I do to get reimbursed for my medications?

Please visit the Business Office on the ground floor of Thompson Hall. Please Bring with you the following and allow 10 days for processing:

  • The doctor’s prescription stamped by the pharmacist
  • The medication boxes stamped by the pharmacist
  • The pharmacist’s invoice
  • Fill in the back of the doctor’s prescription with your personal information

Contact Us

Telephone               + 961 1 374986 
Fax                           + 961 1 362886 
Postal address        113-5373 Beirut, Lebanon 

Bassem Moawad            Ext. 117                E-mail: bmoawad@ic.edu.lb
Roger Mhanna                Ext. 116                E-mail: rmhanna@ic.edu.lb

Beirut, Lebanon

International College
P.O. Box 113-5373 Hamra
Bliss Street
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel/Fax: 961-1-362-500/1

New York, USA

International College
215 Park Avenue South, Suite 1710
New York, NY 10003, USA
Tel: 1-212-529-3005
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