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The Physical Plant department provides all kinds of support to the IC community to enhance teaching, learning, living, working, and playing. Our main objective is to maintain and keep the school buildings and grounds at their best condition and make the campus a comfortable, safe and attractive place to spend time. We lay the foundation and prepare the infrastructure for others to build on.


The Physical Plant department is committed to maintaining high quality service in a responsive, proactive, cost efficient and service-oriented manner which enables the school to achieve its objectives. This is accomplished by:

  • Continuously upgrading policies and procedures to meet the increasing demand in quality and performance
  • Continuously striving to improve the quality of our services and serve the school community to the best of our ability
  • Continuously training our staff to achieve the best and highest performance rates
  • Continuously improving the operation efficiency of our buildings, power plant, drinking water plant, HVAC, parking lots, apartments, grounds and landscape, waste management, and environmental safety

Location & Office Hours

Ras Beirut Campus, Thomson Hall Basement
Ain Aar Campus, Preschool Building Ground Floor

Office Hours:     
Monday through Friday
Winter working hours:   7:30 am till 3:30 pm
Summer working hours: 8:00 am till 1:30 pm


Operation and Maintenance

  • Most maintenance work is done by our in-house team; some other work is outsourced.

  •  Repair
    We are responsible for repairing and maintaining, in the best possible operating condition, all school facilities, offices, classrooms, equipment, furniture, etc. We receive repair requests from all departments by email or phone call. A repair request form is available at the link below.

  •  Preventive Maintenance

    We carry out regularly scheduled preventive maintenance rounds as well as frequent check visits to prevent down-time periods and to catch the problem before it happens.

  •  Corrective Maintenance

    We carry out regular inspection visits to spot and correct the problem before it becomes worse or even before it is reported.

Coordination and Control Center

This is a new service. It is responsible for receiving, planning, and following up all requests and making sure they are completed with the best quality and at the right time.


  • Power Generation
    • IC is supplied with electricity through its in-campus EDL power station with a power capacity of 1000 KVA.
    • IC has a back-up power plant with a generation capacity of 1000 KVA.
  • Drinking Water
    • IC supplies potable water all over the campus, inside buildings through installed fountains and water taps inside kitchenettes.
    • IC's drinking water is supplied from the utility and is treated by the following system:
      • Two stages of carbon filters (double filters) one is 20 micron and the other is 5 micron. Carbon filters absorb a variety of substances, including THMs (contaminants), odors and disagreeable tastes.
      • Then the water passes through a UV filter which works as a disinfectant.
      • There is also a chlorine dosing pump which provides water disinfection upon use.
      • The treated drinking water is stored in a tank with a continuously operating circulating pump.
      • The drinking water system is under a routine weekly maintenance check-up.
    • IC's potable water treatment system is under regular maintenance, and water samples are sent quarterly for complete analysis and diagnosis. You can check the water test results

Environmental Health & Safety

  • We are always working to keep the campus, classrooms, and offices as safe and healthy as possible.
  • We are ready to help assess any suspected hazardous situation and act upon it.
  • Near-miss-accidents must be reported in order for us to act immediately to help prevent any future accident.
  • Anyone can fill the Environmental Health and Safety Assessing Sheet and send it to us for follow up.
  • All classrooms, offices, and electrical rooms are equipped with fire detectors and public address systems.
  • Portable fire extinguishers and fire hose reels are available everywhere inside campus for emergency use. There are at least two portable fire extinguishers in each floor of all buildings.
  • The physical plant staff are trained to help in case of emergency situations, fire-fighting, evacuation, rescue, etc.

Waste Management

  • Solid waste
    • Our general solid waste is collected on a daily basis from classrooms and offices and kept in tightly closed bags inside designated garbage rooms.
    • Solid waste pick up is outsourced to Sukleen.
  • Recycling waste
    • We have two other receptacles inside each classroom - one for plastics and one for papers. This recycled waste is collected on a daily basis; it is separated and kept in special containers.
    • Recycled waste pick up is also outsourced to Sukleen.

Energy Management

  • We always monitor the energy consumption at IC and try to find ways to save energy.
  • We are in the process of studying new energy saving measures to be applied soon.
  • We purchase new equipment that confirms to energy saving codes.
  • We welcome any suggestion that helps in this process.

Grounds Keeping and Transport

  • We maintain and clean outdoor and public areas, streets, and playgrounds.
  • We maintain the landscape, trees, shrubberies, and flower beds on campus.
  • We plant and arrange seasonal flowers.
  • We have a small truck available on campus for transporting goods between campus buildings.
  • You can fill the job order form to benefit from this service upon availability.

School Activities

  • We serve and help arrange school events which include the following:
    • Workshops
    • International test setting
    • International day events
    • Carnival event
    • Art festival event
    • Art exhibition event
    • Fashion show
    • Seminars and training sessions setting
    • Reunion events
    • Athletics events
  • The concerned department can fill the Job order form to benefit from this service.


  • Design and Engineering
    • Physical Plant department receives requests for any project within the existing facilities and carries out a technical and financial study.
    • Summer projects are projects that are approved during the summer budget approval cycle.
  • Renovation & Modification
    • Renovation projects are either requested by the department or initiated by the Physical Plant department depending on the condition of the facility in question.
    • Modification projects are usually requested by the department to serve a certain purpose. These projects might require alteration in the working area, infrastructure, utility service, etc. which in certain cases becomes unfeasible.
  • Project List
    Here you can find a list of projects that are designed, executed and/or supervised by the Physical Plant department. These include:
    • Under design
    • Under execution
    • Completed
  • Track your project

Asset Management

  • We purchase, manage, move, and store the school assets.
  • You can fill in the Job order form in case you need to purchase fabricated furniture.

School Facilities

  • Parking Management
    • We manage the parking facility both inside and outside IC campus.
    • Due to constant shortage of parking lots around IC, we are continuously searching for new parking lots to provide enough parking spaces for almost all faculty and staff.
  • Foreign Hire Apartments
    • The school has 14 pleasantly furnished apartments for foreign hires, in addition to 2 apartments for guests and visitors, all fully furnished and equipped with electrical appliances.
    • The apartments are a 10-minute-walk away from the school located in the famous Hamra area near the commercial street.
    • All apartments are supplied with wifi internet access.
    • The apartments are fully maintained by our in-house team.
    • Foreign hires can fill in the Job order form and send it directly to us for any request.

Physical Plant Store

The Physical Plant Store is the place where we store almost all emergency spare parts as well as other items to be ready in case of any request by the school.


We are in the process of installing a new computerized maintenance management software to enhance the performance and follow up of requests. This software will have a user-friendly web interface that all departments can use to report problems and send requests.

Contact Us

Telefax:                            + 961 1 360755
IC Ext.:                             125/106/126      
Emergency Mobile:       + 961 3 785573
Postal address             113-5373 Beirut, Lebanon 
Email:                                phpsupport@ic.edu.lb 

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