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The Purchasing Department of International College falls under the operation of the Business Office. It is responsible for coordinating the acquisition of goods and services and ensuring that the school receives the best value for money spent. This is accomplished by monitoring all purchases of materials, supplies and equipment in compliance with the school’s policies and procedures. Our responsibilities also include providing the school with policies that foster an ethical, responsive and efficient environment and recognizing the department’s obligations to our suppliers and our internal customers.


The mission of the Purchasing Department is to facilitate the procurement of goods and services for the school community at prices and quality that meet or exceed the end user’s expectations. We hope to create an environment where school departments can employ the most effective and innovative methods for procuring quality goods and services. The Purchasing Department is committed to the highest standards of service and continuously strives for improvement in all these areas. This is accomplished by:

  • Obtaining all goods and services necessary for the students, faculty and staff in the most cost effective and efficient manner
  • Providing value-added service to support the mission of the institution
  • Maintaining a commitment to excellence through professional ethics and best business practices
  • Encouraging open competition among vendors through fair negotiation, competitive bidding and contract buying

Location & Office Hours 

Ras Beirut Campus, Thomson Hall, Basement

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
Winter working hours:     7:00 am till 3:00 pm
Summer working hours:  8:00 am till 1:30 pm


International College is working on centralizing all school purchases under one operation to ensure the best quality for the best price.


The Purchasing Department has compiled answers to questions regularly received by our department. We hope that your questions are included in this FAQ section.

Why call the Purchasing Department?

The Purchasing Department serves as the intermediary between the campus community and suppliers. Accordingly, all supplier price quotes remain confidential, as revealing them undermines the competitive bidding practice. The department is committed to fair and ethical business practices.

How does the purchasing process start?

The director or his/her designee will fill a purchase order electronically.

Who is authorized to sign a vendor contract on behalf of the school?

The President and the Chief Financial Officer are authorized to sign a vendor’s contract.

Who checks the quality and the quantity of the order?

The ordering department checks the quality while the receiving clerk checks the quantity.

When is the sole source justified?

It is when there is only one supplier capable of providing an item or service, and therefore it is not possible to obtain competitive bids.

Contact us

Telephone               + 961 1 367466 
Fax                           + 961 1 362886 
Postal address      113-5373 Beirut, Lebanon
May Zaitoon            Ext. 233/383
        E-mail:         mzaitoon@ic.edu.lb

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