When Do I Get My Work Visa?

The Human Resources Department will contact you requesting you to send the documents required for obtaining your work visa. This should be done by mid-April, and it takes around ten (10) weeks. Once the work visa is issued, Human Resources will send you a scanned copy including all details (i.e., visa number, validity). Print it out and, once you are in Beirut Airport, present the above information and specify that it is a WORK VISA (not a tourist visa).  You will be asked to pay LBP 50,000 cash (the equivalence of US $37); this amount will be reimbursed to you by IC.

Can I Pay For The Work Visa With American Dollars?

No. You will be asked to pay LBP 50,000 cash (the equivalence of US $37). You can exchange money (around $37) at the foreign exchange booth in the airport.

When Do I Get My Work Permit & Residence Card?

The Human Resources Department will complete the formalities to obtain your work and residence permits. It takes around one month to get the work permit and an additional 15 days to get the residence card. IC will arrange for an appointment to take you to the General Security.

When Could I Leave Lebanon For The First Time?

Once you are in Lebanon, you cannot leave the country before we obtain a residence permit for you. We expect to finalize the paperwork with official authorities by mid-November, so please arrange your travel plans accordingly.

What Mailing Address Should I Use?

Please use the following mail address:

President’s Office
International College
P.O. Box 113-5373
Beirut, Lebanon  1107 2020
Tel: 011 961 1 371294
Fax: 011 961 1 362500
E-mail: proffice@ic.edu.lb

How Long Should I Wait Before Buying The Tickets?

You can book your flight with our travel agent as soon as you sign the contract. However, you might need to wait until you hear from Human Resources about your work visa before you actually buy the ticket.

In any case, please plan to be here early September. It is not advisable to arrive before that as everybody will be on vacation and not much could be arranged for your pickup or reception.

What Are The Documents Required To Bring A Pet?

You should bring an international health certificate from your local vet and an entry certificate will be given to you by the veterinary office at the airport. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies (not more than 30 days). Please check with the travel agent regarding transportation.

Do I Need To Ship My Belongings From The Same Address As My Home Of Record?

You can choose to ship your belongings from any address you want. However, the United States, Canada, or France will be used as the basis for the shipping calculation for employees coming from another location abroad. IC pays up to 200 kg per employee plus additional 100 kg per dependent.

If you are flying to Beirut from a country other than your home of record, you might need to pay the difference of the airfare ticket, if any.

When Does My Medical Coverage Go Into Effect?

As an international hire, your medical coverage goes into effect on September 1. Your insurance card will be available within one month of your joining.
The emergency travel insurance covers you outside Lebanon in case of accidents and emergencies only. You will get the card in November.
Both insurance premiums are covered 100% by International College.

Where Do I Ship My Belongings To?

The shipping address that you can use is:

Your Name
International College
P.O. Box: 113-5373
Beirut, Lebanon 1107 2020
Tel: 961 1 371295

What Is IC Policy Regarding Housing Accommodations?

Housing accommodation granted to single individuals may be on sharing basis. The premises which may be provided by the College shall be used as living accommodation for the employee and dependents only.  The employee may not use such premises for any other purpose nor authorize any third party to occupy or use, temporarily or otherwise, the premises, in whole or in part, unless the College so consents clearly in writing and in advance.

When Do I Need To Vacate The Apartment?

Faculty who are not returning the following academic year are required to vacate their apartment no later than July 15.

Will There Be Someone To Meet Me At the Airport?

An IC driver will pick you up from the airport at the specified time of your arrival and drive you directly to your apartment. Make sure you send your flight details (flight number, arrival date & time) one week in advance.

Who Do I Call In Case Of Emergency?

Please check the Useful Telephone Numbers in the New Employee Menu.

Who Is In Charge Of Apartment Maintenance?

Resident employees will NOT make any repairs, modifications, or carry out any alterations in the apartment. All problems should be reported immediately to the Physical Plant Department. If the problem is classified as emergency (like fire or excessive water leakage), Physical Plant will intervene immediately; otherwise, the normal expected intervention duration is 48 hours.

What Is The Exchange Rate Of The US Dollar?

The exchange rate is about LL 1,500 to one U.S. dollar. Common notes are LL 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000. Coins are in amounts of LL 250, and 500.  US dollars are also readily accepted in Beirut.

How Do I Calculate Social Security and Medicare Taxes?

Both Social Security and Medicare taxes are a fixed percentage of your wages.  Starting 2013, your total FICA taxes add up to 7.65 % of your wages.
Any wages you earn above $106,800 won't be subject to Social Security tax. There is no upper limit on Medicare tax, though.  Medicare taxes will be withheld from all wages paid to you.

How Do I Make International Calls?

You can make international telephone calls directly from your home by dialing 00 and the full code number. Charges, as determined by the Business Office, will be deducted from your account. Such calls may also be made through city operators or at local post offices.
For international calls to the US:  
- After 10:00 p.m., the rate is 400 L.L. per minute.
- Before 10:00 p.m., the rate is 600 L.L. per minute.
For more information on international codes and rates, please log on to http://www.ogero.gov.lb/.

How Do I Monitor My Internet Bandwidth Consumption?

IC provides each apartment with a land line phone and DSL internet access package from Ogero, one of the prominent telecom service providers in Lebanon.

The allocated speed for each apartment is 4 Mbps Down / 512 Kbps Up and the monthly usage ceiling volume is 50 GB Down/Up.

Ogero charges a fixed internet package amount of 50,000 L.L. per month; the school covers this amount and any extra usage is charged to your personal account at the end of each month. The extra charge is calculated by Ogero as 2000 L.L. for each additional 1GB you use in excess of 50 GB. For example, if you your upload usage is 5 GB and your download usage is 50 GB, then your total usage would be 55 GB, the extra charge will be 5GB x 2,000 = 10,000 L.L.

In principle, the school covers all comparable local calls and internet package bills with the exception of extra internet bandwidth use and International calls which are usually displayed as follows in your online bill details.

You can monitor your internet consumption, International calls charges and account information by logging in to Ogero website www.ogero.gov.lb:

1. Login

Please request your username and password from Physical.

2. Check your current bill details

To check your current bill details, click View bill details for number xxxxx:  

If you use more than 50 GB Down/Up, your invoice will have an extra row showing your up-to-date extra consumption, and this amount will be added to the “Total Due” amount.

If you make International calls, your invoice will have an extra row showing your up-to-date International call details, this amount will be added to the “Total Due” amount.

3. Check your current usage volume

To check your current usage volume details click on View DSL usage volume:  

Note: The above details and prices reflect the latest plans from the Ministry of Telecom (03/11/2014)

How Do I Transfer My Salary to My US Bank Account?

The Business Office needs the following information to transfer your salary to your US bank account:
  • Your name
  • Bank name
  • Bank address
  • Account number
  • Routing number
  • Amount to be deposited
Send instructions at the beginning of every year to dbeiruti@ic.edu.lb before September 15.

Where Can I find My W2 Form?

W2 forms will be available at the Business Office starting February of every year.

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