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METS U18 Football Tournament
Posted 05/19/2015 10:02AM

IC teachers and students alike have come to the consensus that the METS football tournament was definitely one of the most entertaining, intense, and exhilarating sports event in recent IC history. During classes, one would invariably hear the rhythmic beat of the dirbakeh and the wild cheers of the crowd. The moment the bell rang for recess, every inch of the football field was filled with enthusiastic fans. A general feel of unsuppressed excitement hung in the air--even teachers were whispering the scores of the games while passing each other in the hallways.
METS (Middle East Triangle Sports) is an annual tournament hosted by a different Middle Eastern country every year. Lebanon was honored to host it this year as Head of Athletics Tarek Mousally from IC and Tim Doran from ACS worked side by side to coordinate the many details involving the six teams that participated this year. IC and ACS represented Lebanon; ICARDA came from Aleppo, Syria; King’s Academy and ABS joined us from Amman, Jordan; and the SCHUTZ team traveled all the way from Alexandria, Egypt.
The final results for both boys’ and girls’ teams were ACS in first place, IC in second, and King’s Academy in third. All final matches were close and intense, especially the girls’ finals, which ended in a heart-pounding penalty shootout. Both the IC boys and girls varsity team played beautifully, attacked relentlessly, and fought hard to the end. “I still can’t get over the fact that we won every game but the finals,” said MVP player Rayan Osseiran, “but we still had a great time.”
“This tournament took weeks and months to plan,” said Tim Doran, ACS’s athletics director, “but it all paid off in the end. What I enjoyed the most was that all the teams had equal skills- many games were very close and exciting. The sportsmanship skills were also exceptional this year.”
Ziyad Habash, ABS coach, was also impressed with the sportsmanlike attitude of the teams. “As soon as a match was over,” he said, “the players shook hands and greeted each other like friends.”










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