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IC SVP to national educators' conference: Improve the teaching to emphasize the learning!
Posted 04/30/2015 08:32AM

Senior Vice President Misha Mojabber Mourani was invited to participate in a panel of experts on the Lebanese Curriculum, in the context of the Lebanese Ministry of ALL FOR EDUCATION Conference held at the Phoenicia Hotel this month.

She presented an overview of 21st century skills, including the NAIS’S five C’s plus one: Character and Civic Commitment, Critical thinking, Creativity and entrepreneurship, Collaboration, Communication, and Cosmopolitanism

She also discussed Hattie’s research on what affects student achievement, including self and formative assessment, and the centrality of the teacher in terms of credibility and clarity.

She concluded by making some recommendations for how

the LEBANESE PROGRAM can change to accommodate 21st century imperatives, including

performance based and inquiry- based curricula that are expressed in terms of standards, revamping the teaching of the three languages, reforming social studies teaching for meaning and relevance, including social action and engagement, media literacy and the use of  using technology and above all providing sustained, research-based professional training and development for teachers, since teachers should model the commitment to learning that we want to see in our students.


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