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Reading is for Awesome People!
Posted 02/02/2015 09:00AM

Special Arabic students in Grade 4 and Grades 5 - CM2 enjoyed using pre-reading, reading, and post reading comprehension strategies that helped them in becoming more active readers. Students were divided into small groups, and students in each group received an appropriately leveled text. The teacher began by activating their prior knowledge through engaging them in making a prediction using the title. Then students reviewed their predictions using a group of new vocabulary words related to the text. In addition to that, they created a purpose for reading by answering the following two questions: Why do you think the author wrote this text? What is your personal reading goal?

While reading the first section in their texts, students underlined seven words that they thought were important in order to understand the whole section. They used these words to write a main idea for the section and shared their ideas in groups. Following this, the students wrote the newly acquired words in their “treasure “copy book and they practiced reading. Then they used graphic organizers to foster their understanding of the text.  Finally, they posed and reflected on whether their predictions were correct and whether they understood the main idea.

These reading strategies helped improve the reading abilities of the students. Even struggling readers started saying things like, "I remember every part of that text! Reading is fun!"

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