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The Language of Technology !
Posted 01/19/2015 10:00AM

Our PYP program is continually growing in knowledge and application of technology into the curriculm. As we started our unit of inquiry, How do we express oursleves, the children were interested in different celebrations from different countries in the world. Upon asking how would they learn more about those celebrations the children proposed :“ We can google it”! The project began with the teacher collaborating with the students to explore “Bringing technology to our class”. The children discovered various kinds of celebrations and chose one that interested them. In small groups they brainstormed their knowledge about celebrations and formulated questions. To find answers to their questions, one of the children suggested using “Encarta kids”. Using the laptops allowed the children to better present and organize their ideas. It facilitated discussion, sharing, and collaboration among the children. It provided a rich problem solving context and invited thinking and reflection.The project began with the students’ ideas and continued with the teacher carefully documenting the student’s learning to take it to a higher level. After gathering information, the children suggested sharing it using Power Point presentations, typing celebration poems, and even putting it on You Tube! Using the laptops as a tool to enhance has become an easy part of our almost everyday routines in class!  Their learning is balanced between the acquisition of knowledge, development of skills, demonstarting positive attitudes, and taking responsible action!

Using the laptops has reinforced the well known fact that when children are allowed to make more decisions they tend to have a vested interest and become more responsible for their learning.

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