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A Way to Show Kindness
Posted 01/19/2015 09:00AM

It was kindness day. The day we all have a smile on our face. A day happiness and joy are in the air. A day that should be just right..Ms. Roula, our grade 4 Ras Beirut teacher, had a brilliant idea.  Two students shared a book that was mainly about how being mean to others can make you feel guilty, regretful, and sorry for what you did. It was a fascinating book that showed the importance of “goodwill”. The book taught us that if one person is kind to one another, it will spread. It was modeled by a stone thrown into a bowl of water which made ripples and waves going forward, the waves and ripples represented the kindness flowing.

We decided to write about friends or teachers by telling them their strengths and also their good attitudes and learner profile attributes. We walked around the class with our list and at the sound of the tambourine we told the closest person to us what we wrote about him or her. That showed honesty, care, and respect. It was the part of the day when kindness showed the way and was truly alive!

Our home learning assignment included sharing the kindness “Ripple Effect” with our families.  It’s easy to catch the ‘kindness” virus if you try!

Yasmina Zaitoun Grade 4

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