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Danielson Training for the IC Leadership Team
Posted 02/19/2018 12:53PM

This Danielson Training Workshop is offered by senior workshop leader Mrs. Margaret Leibfried from the Danielson Group. The workshop is spread over four days and consists of: 

  • Day 1, Feb 19: Introduction to the Framework for Teaching
  • Day 2, Feb 20: Observation Skills
  • Day 3, Feb 21: Student Engagement (innovative teaching practices)
  • Day 4, Feb 22: Using Assessment to Inform Instruction 
The following report was then drafted after the successful four days: 

Danielson Workshop: Enhancing Professional Practice – a Framework for Teaching

The IC Leadership team attended an intense 4-day workshop, from February 19 – 22, about Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. Supported by extensive research, the Framework has proven to be a valid instrument for measuring teacher proficiency. When teachers demonstrate high levels of proficiency on the Framework, their students show greater learning gains.

IC has identified the Danielson framework as our reference for:

  1. Establishing a common understanding of and language for quality teaching and learning
  2. Unifying our procedures for teacher evaluation and coaching
  3. Maintaining and protecting the high academic standards of IC

The four-day workshop was led by Mrs. Margaret Leibfried from the Danielson Group who has more than 20 years’ experience with the Framework. The 54 workshop participants explored the Framework’s four domains of professional teaching practice and responsibility, looking closely at their accompanying components and elements. The Framework reflects the many different aspects of teaching, providing a common language for conversations about teaching concepts and understandings shared by members of the teaching profession. It offers educators a means of communicating about excellence in teaching and therefore provides a guide to setting and evaluating effective teaching practices.

During the workshop, participants became students again, experiencing what it means to be fully engaged in content as they explored the Framework, looking for and practicing ways that it could be used not only to evaluate one’s own teaching practices but also to help colleagues improve as professionals. Posters showing the Framework’s domains, elements and components have been placed in the teachers’ lounges around the school to begin its introduction to all teachers.

On March 12, there will be a school-wide in-service day devoted to introducing teachers to the Framework and its importance for improving teaching and learning practices. Sessions for all teachers at all levels will be conducted by the school directors. Workshop packets for the day will include copies of the Framework as well as the Evaluation Impact booklet. Planned activities throughout the day will allow teachers to become fully engaged with the Framework and its components, providing insight into how it can be used to enhance teaching and learning at every school level no matter what discipline or program it is used in.

On May 24, IC will be hosting Ms. Charlotte Danielson, educational consultant and author of the Framework for Teaching, and six other experts from the Danielson Group. In her keynote speech, Ms. Danielson will be talking about her passion for teaching and how her Framework came about. During the day, the six experts of the Danielson group will be giving IC teachers further training and practice with two major aspects of the Framework – student engagement (the “heart of the framework”) and student assessment. At the same time, Ms. Danielson will be working with the school’s Leadership Team, sharing with them best practices and further information about how the Framework for Teaching can be implemented at IC.

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