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Discovering snails in our school
Posted 06/14/2017 09:27AM

During outdoor playtime, KG1 started their own inquiry with snails.  For almost two weeks, a group of KG1 children were intrigued with the snails that they’ve found. Not only were they inquirers but they were also risk takers for holding the snails on their hands and feeling the snail move to make a silvery trail on their skin. They asked many questions like, “What do snails eat?” “Why do snails get bubbles?” “Is the sun too hot for snails?” They also made homes for the snails using soil, leaves and grass and discussed what part of the family is each snail in, “This is the baby and this is the mommy! Look the baby is kissing the mommy! Ooh they’re so cute!” They also used their math skills to estimate which snail will reach first.  KG1 children were also talking about the shape that snails have and saw that most snails’ shells are a spiral shape. Furthermore, they used their thinking and research skills when they were comparing snails to turtles. The learning was extended in the classroom when children used their research skills to learn more about snails and answered questions that they wanted to know.

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