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UNGC Competition
Posted 05/17/2017 01:11PM

As teenagers, we often hear people tell us, “You are the Future” and “Be the change.” Growing up, unaware of what’s around us, we start off as watchers, impatiently waiting to enter the real world. But as we grow older and more mature, we get the chance to become actors in our own society and this is what the community service program at IC is all about.

The UN global Compact Network Lebanon invited IC to be part of its Sustainable Minds Competition. The competition invites grade ten students to submit short production videos demonstrating their understanding of the ten UN Global Compact Principles that include topics regarding Human rights, Labour, Environment,… etc. With the guidance of the community service advisors, Ms. Zeina Chahine and Ms. Cynthia Jabbour, seventeen of our students took part in this competition and found it a great opportunity to reinforce individual responsibility towards society and the environment. All students worked very hard on their projects and two of the three groups ended up winning the 2nd and 6th place among seventy groups. The 2nd place winning video was about corruption, while the other winning video was about labours’ rights. Finally, our IC students left the competition winners of a much greater prize: Learning that in their own hands, they had the power not only to raise awareness but to make a change in this world.


Participating students are:  Celine Samadi, Ghada Bakri, Joseph Faissal, Raja Haroun, Rim Annan, Romy Faisal ,Tala kadi, Omar Tayyara, Maha Andari, Ali Alameh, Karim Nakfour, Layan Wahidi, Layan Barhoumi, Wael Osman, Aya Chahine, Mira Beydoun and Razan Hishi.

                                                                                                by Tala Kadi

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