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Vertical Agriculture: Make It Grow
Posted 04/27/2017 08:46AM

In partnership with AUB’s Landscape Design department, Ras Beirut Elementary and Middle School have initiated a frankly wonderful project.  Making use of funds made available by the ‘Make It Grow’ initiative, and working in conjunction with IC’s very committed team of gardeners, the students created boxes full of herbs (coriander, parsley, thyme and arugula) and began the growing process with the boxes horizontal.  The key idea to having this successful vertical garden is that the boxes are then turned to a 45 degrees angle after two-three weeks and then vertical after another two-three weeks, finally being hung on stands crafted by the Physical Plant.  In doing so, the garden is sustainable in terms of decreasing water consumption and reducing land usage.  The site is now being integrated into the school curriculum, with, for example, Grade 3 students conducting Math measurements for perimeter and area.  Positioned at the far side of the ImadTaher court, the garden is both visible and accessible and, as you can imagine, a great many students now regularly pass to touch, smell and, of course, taste!  Spring planting will soon commence and you can expect even more species to taste before the summer.  Indeed, this project is to be replicated in Ain Aar very soon too.  The original is of course available to Ras Beirut’s Pre-School and Secondary School students too.  

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