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Visit to USEK
Posted 03/28/2017 08:13AM

College counselors Josette Eid and Randa Azkoul Soubaih spent a memorable day at the Université du Saint Esprit a Kaslik (USEK). Mr. Nassib Azzi, who had visited the IC Counseling Office, was responsible for giving Mrs. Azkoul and Mrs. Eid an all-inclusive tour of USEK campus. They toured all USEK labs, which included engineering, chemical, bio-medical, biology, and industrial labs.  In addition, they visited the library (with open and closed stacks, digital labs, and more), museum, and student facilities.  The Orientation Office uses state-of-the-art electronic devices and offers several pro bono services for schools all around Lebanon. One of them is a career/personality test, which begins in Grade 10 and is followed up on until the students leave school. They also welcome students from various schools to attend a day of classes in whatever fields that might interest them.

Mrs. Azkoul and Mrs. Eid were impressed by how eco-friendly the campus is. Everyone uses the recycling bins, the campus is spotless, and they have their own Go-Green Recycling plant. They are working towards becoming a zero-waste campus. This project is spearheaded by a committee of five dedicated professors.

What drew Mrs. Azkoul and Mrs. Eid attention was the electric shuttle car (with zip-down plastic sides for rainy trips) for commuting through the campus and from the student car parking lot nearby.

They also met with the chairs and deans of all the faculties; Letters, Architecture, Law, Engineering, Biology, and last but not least Vice President for Community Life, Fr. Talal Hachem.

USEK is a student-centered place with boarding for female students, an extensive cafeteria, green spaces and a sea view. Last but not least, it is a university that “cherishes its history and tradition, yet integrates modernity to keep abreast of contemporary developments.”

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