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Posted 03/20/2017 07:32AM

Mr. Ziad Abi Chaker was invited by the Grade2/CE1 community at Ain Aar to further inquire into the ways we can reduce and recycle waste in Lebanon.  Mr. Abi Chaker is a multi-disciplinary engineer who, for years, has had a special relationship with garbage.  He was recently dubbed as the “Garbage king of Beirut”.  During his visit to IC, he introduced the learners to different recycling facilities available in Lebanon.  The students were impressed and packed with curiosity.  They inquired about the plastic, carton, and glass recycling plants.  The learners were also interested in the lamp and the pieces of eco-boards that Mr. Abi Chaker brought with him.  They are 100% made of recycled materials.  Mr. Abi Chaker produces eco-boards made from nylon bags, which can be used to make walls, benches, and long lasting machines.  He also discovered a way to turn those eco-boards into green walls. 

The Grade 2/CE1 community is currently collaborating with him by collecting nylon bags (supermarket bags) juice, and milk boxes.  This project will be running throughout the year.  All are welcome to pitch in.  In return, we will be saving Lebanon from a heap load of trash and Mr. Abi Chaker will donate a green wall to the IC Ain Aar community.  

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