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Pen International writers at IC
Posted 03/02/2017 07:39AM

Last November IB1 and 6th CPP students headed towards Imad Taher Auditorium in anticipation of an international cultural event. Four authors from around the world had been invited by the Lebanese chapter of PEN INTERNATIONAL to address students in various schools. Iman Humaydan, the president of PEN LEBANON brought Marijn Knol (Dutch), Vamba Sherif (Liberian), Witold Szablowski (Polish), and USHA KR (Indian) to talk to our students about the life of being a writer.  The authors in the panel were eager to elicit questions from the audience, and they answered them willingly. They even invited a few students to come up and join the panel with their direct questions.  Some of the questions they asked were: Do you have a special time when you write? How long does it take you to finish a book? What are the themes of your novels? What are some of the challenges of writing? What about censorship? Gender discrimination? Interviewing my students afterwards, I found that not only did they enjoy learning outside the classroom but also articulated their interest in authorship and felt encouraged to write!

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