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Celebration of International Day of People with Disabilities
Posted 02/28/2017 08:17AM

To raise awareness about differences, visitors with disabilities (physical, blind and deaf) from The Forum for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and from the Lebanese School for Blind and Deaf came to RB Elementary.  Children in Grades 1-3/ CP -CE2 learned about how people with disabilities live and enjoy life. Grades 5/CM2 had the opportunity to watch paraplegics play basketball.  Our students now understand that despite a physical disability, people are able to live a full and happy life. The Learner profile could be seen in action.

Among the questions asked by the students were: “How did you learn at school?”; “Do you have friends?”; “How do you take a shower and get dressed?”; “Why can’t you be enrolled in a regular school”? and, “What happened to you?”The visitors enjoyed their encounters and were really impressed by the level of awareness and curiosity the students showed. 

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