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Psychology and Yoga
Posted 02/20/2017 08:37AM

Join the IB Psychology Class on their Yoga Experience! Part of the syllabus of this year covered in the IB II Psychology class includes the topic of stress, more specifically, what causes stress, what the effects of stress are and how one might be able to control it. One of the primary methods to relieve stress was Yoga, a mental and physical practice that integrates physical exercise, regulated breathing and meditation for the physiological benefits of decreased heart rate and blood pressure, and the cognitive benefits of enhanced concentration and mental stability. In order to make the class more interactive, and to provide the students with an opportunity to actually experience what they have learned, Mrs. Abdul Rassoul, a certified yoga instructor, was kind enough to give students a yoga class, which took place in the gym for maximum space. Everyone participated in the class. She demonstrated a variety of breathing techniques that aid in the reduction of stress, and that were very easy to integrate into everyday life. As students who experience pressure and stress daily, these techniques could be adopted as habits in order to regulate anxiety and alleviate tension for the betterment of our daily performances All participating members in the yoga class reported feeling content and relaxed after the class, and many openly expressed their wishes to make yoga class a weekly occurrence.  

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