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The Whole Child: A Green Child!
Posted 02/01/2017 07:58AM

How “green” is your life?  Students at IC live each day thinking about and taking action to practice the 5 R’s—Respect, Rethink, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.  Grade 5/CM2 have learned much about how the ecosystem in Lebanon needs our full attention to keep our country green, instead of brown.  Ask any Grade 3/CE2 student about the water cycle, and they can tell you that water is vital to keeping us green. 

During IC Green Day, the Grade 5 / CM2 Special Arabic students at Ras Beirut listened to a story entitled, “اليوم الأخضر”. They succeeded in connecting its events to the PYP five essential elements, in addition to the concepts which drove them to take action for the welfare of the environment. The students also succeeded in determining the profile, attitudes and skills exhibited by the heroes in the story, who sorted garbage, planted trees, designed posters and invented poems to raise awareness about the importance of protecting nature. Finally, the learners explained how the story reflected IC’s mission statement and the PYP framework.

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