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Art field trips
Posted 12/22/2016 08:40AM

Mrs. Bou Khaled took her students on several art field trips, including the 6th CPP excursion to the "Bi Tasarrof" show at the National Library in Sanayeh. “It all started when many copies of the book Cent Ans de la Presse au Liban 1859-1958, containing about a century worth of Lebanese journalism, were found to have a typographical errors. Instead of discarding the books, they were sent to 55 Lebanese artists, living in and out of the country, ages ranging from 25 to late 70s. Each artist had his own take on the book, interpreting it differently, some using photography, others using paints, some decaying the pages, and some even drawing on the pages. All these art works were generously donated by the artists to the Lebanese Foundation for the National Library to add to Lebanon’s art history, each piece showing either an abstract or literal meaning connecting to a section of history” explained a student.

"Art in Motion" in Sanayeh Gardens was the second event, this time attended by IB Visual Arts students. The trip involved an excursion to meet with architect and watercolor artists Maha Nasrallah. According to one of the students, some of them walked into this experience with skepticism, not expecting much. But that’s not how they walked out. Nasrallah opened their eyes to details. The passion that she revealed about her watercolor sketches was inspiring. “She shared amazing tricks of the trade about painting with watercolors with us, and taught us how to look at nature and architecture with new eyes. We started seeing forms and shadows in the oddest places, and experimented with the material to get different values of color. Armed with our paint and sketchpads, we were thrilled with what we were able to achieve.” 

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