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Posted 12/20/2016 08:20AM

“IB2 students took a full Saturday to go on an enriching expedition in collaboration with AUB’s Dr. Sadek to Bisri River and the Barouk Cedars as part of the current theme of our ecology course  with Ms. Moulaeb.  The excursion allowed us to witness first-hand how living organisms commonly reside within the boundaries of their community, interacting with their environment to form balanced and sustainable ecosystems. At the river, the students shadowed AUB undergraduates in their work and saw how ecology field work was carried out. They collected their own samples and took note of the assortments of plant and animal species.

The Barouk Cedars proved to be a completely different environment, exposing the students to new surroundings, with a variety of fauna. All in all, the day was spent observing and learning about the diversity of Lebanese nature, and the students returned with samples to recreate their own sustainable ecosystems. The field trip allowed them to transcend their classwork and carry out the scientific method, deepening their understanding of the living world with all its singularities.”                                                         

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