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AUB Applicants Go Digital
Posted 12/16/2016 08:03AM

This year, IC students will have the opportunity to complete and submit their AUB application online in a streamlined process created especially for them. AUB Student Recruitment Officer Mustapha El-Habbal (IC ’94) designed a digital application process following an agreement between the IC President and AUB Director of Admissions. IC Local College Counsellor Randa Azkoul Soubaih provided the channel for the process to be carried out through the students’ Moodle Course, “Get Ready for College.” 

The solution focuses on ease of use via common tools like Moodle, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office. The AUB Fillable Application Solution is a strategic move from bulk paper-applications with benefits that include: 

×          Ease in filling the application (selection-based, guiding tips, etc.), taking ten minutes in Acrobat Reader 

×          Enhanced quality control using Moodle to review student applications by IC Counsellor 

×          Speed in receiving AUB application electronic receipt (within few days even during peak time) 

×          Higher accuracy with the student application data being generated electronically in AUB systems 

×          Immediate email notification to students and counsellor on application status 

×          Green and environment-friendly submission of AUB Applications with less paper and CO2 emissions. 

IC is the first school to use the AUB Fillable Application solution which uses a softcopy version of the paper-based application form submitted electronically along with all required documents from the students.  

Many thanks go to Karen Abdullah from IB2 and Andrea Chamaa from TSM who agreed to be the “guinea pigs,” as technology was challenging, and it took many hours of hard work to finalize the project. 

On November 4, the applicants for Early Admission to AUB plucked the fruit of those efforts, and soon the system will also be available for Regular Admissions. 

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