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Anna Maria Hayek and the WCA Tennis Tournament
Posted 12/15/2016 08:41AM

Anna Maria Hayek, IC Ain Aar Middle School (4ème), helped the Lebanese tennis team achieve 3rd place in the West and Central Asia Tennis Tournament in Jordan. During a superb first round, Anna Maria was injured in her right arm; despite this, she and her partner worked to win the first five-day tournament. During the second five-day tournament, she pulled through and placed in 5th out of 40 for singles in spite of her hardship and with persistence. Between her and her partner, they brought home one silver medal and one gold medal, as well as the pride of having helped Lebanon achieve third place in the tournament. When asked what motivated her to pull through in spite of the hardship, Anna Maria said that she couldn’t stop, because to quit would mean to let down herself, her comrades in the team, and her country. She fought hard for Lebanon to be placed in the top three, and thanks in part to her resolve and in another part to her talent, she was able to help her team achieve the goal that she had set. International College congratulates Anna Maria Hayek and her teammates.

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