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New Teachers Mentored
Posted 11/07/2016 08:09AM

During the September Pre-Service days, new IC teachers received one-on-one training from the school’s Educational Technology facilitators on Atlas, Moodle and ActiveInspire to prepare for IC’s teaching and learning environment. The college has 20 selected computer instructors from around the school to mentor and train their colleagues in the use of the school’s educational technology tools. There are 3 facilitators in each school of the college to train teachers on software and tools.

New teachers will be using Atlas to review, edit, and write the curriculum for their classes. Moodle will enable teachers to enrich class lessons and inform students with online and teacher-developed resources. Moodle will also help teachers to communicate lesson objectives, highlights and class assignments. In class, teachers will be using ActiveInspire and the interactive whiteboard to enhance classroom lessons and activities and to engage students more thoroughly in learning.

At the same time, Chancery Administrator Chaza Kalach worked with old and new teachers on Chancery, IC’s Student Information System. Teachers learned how to use the system and change passwords in preparation for this academic year.

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