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Creativity at its BEST
Posted 09/19/2016 09:14AM

Robin Williams once said: “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world”. 

On June 16  the Arabic drama club rocked the stage of the Irani auditorium. The stars from both French and English grade five sections performed a play entitled “"لكلّ حيّ بداية ونهاية. Practice sessions included exercises to enhance presentation skills, vocal projection, and understanding body language. After having the chance to listen to and read the story written by Luma Azar entitled: “مثل أوراق الشّجر”, whose purpose was to shed the light on the mission of SANAD, an NGO, that provides comprehensive home-based hospice care to terminally ill patients while preserving their dignity and enhancing their quality of life, the students were inspired by the moral of this story, and decided to write a script that revolves around the philosophy of death. They were able to visualize it and present it in their own unique way. The students invited the founder of SANAD Mrs. Lubna Izziddin, seniors from the school, and of course parents. The performance was highly applauded by attendees. Great job Arabic drama club!

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