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PYP Exhibition: A Culminating Experience
Posted 08/09/2016 08:58AM

The last six weeks have been such an amazing learning journey for our students at Ras Beirut Elementary during the PYP Exhibition!  The students were enthusiastic and committed as they planned their inquiries and conducted research.

Students in 5C explored a range of issues including: Gender Inequality, Technology Use, Exercise, Substance Abuse, Traffic Safety, and Animal Abuse. A sampling of actions included the traffic safety group inspecting the Elementary School buses for broken seatbelts; the gender inequality group writing a series of princess stories aimed at shattering gender stereotypes; and the animal abuse group volunteering at BETA. The variety of presentations was amazing! Singing, dancing, and acting helped to hook all the audience members before the group described their understanding of their topic and central idea.

Grade 5B students took on the PYPX by inquiring into topics ranging from the garbage crisis to water use, to gender equality.  Actions were authentic and included volunteering at BETA, a timed garbage sorting game that focused on recycling, teaching exercises to strengthen the back and showing participants the importance of the “2 finger’ bag test. A group of students who inquired into the water crisis asked all those they encountered to pledge that they would use water more sparingly and to seal the pledge with their thumb print. They will be invited to grade three next year to help the children as they delve into their learning during the “water unit”.  While the process was an enjoyable one for students, teachers, and mentors, it was also a great learning experience.  After the presentation, students shared wonderful reflections about the learning process, the research, and about how being collaborative helped them to reach their goals.

Learners in 5A inquired into a variety of topics like: Electronic Waste Management, The Threat of Desertification, Changing Eating Habits among Lebanese Children and Youths, Sea Pollution, Lebanon’s Readiness for Natural Disasters, Emotional and Mental Well Being , and The Role that Street Art Plays in Promoting Social Awareness. The students demonstrated the attributes of the IB-PYP Learner Profile. A sampling of actions that were taken by the different groups included beach cleanup, knowledge sharing with other grades through skits, science experiments and mini presentations. The Street Art group decided to offer an in-house service to other groups in 5A when they sketched and created different displays using graffiti to highlight the problems that those groups were inquiring into. The Well Being group researched a variety of books that they requested to be added to the Elementary School Library and they presented a proposal to The Professional Development Committee requesting that the College considers instilling mindfulness classes starting the coming academic year.

In the end, students commented that they are now more confident in themselves as learners, understand the research process better, and have discovered how to be more open-minded.  

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