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Art Fieldtrip
Posted 07/15/2016 08:35AM

“In May,  Mrs. Samia Nasr Boulad accompanied us to two aesthetically pleasing and conceptual exhibits, leaving us with enriched knowledge and background about art within our own society. We had the opportunity to discuss the displayed works with the artists themselves and go over the symbolism and techniques used to create their pieces.

The first exhibit in Janine Rubeiz Gallery was that of Rashed Bohsali who portrayed the themes of confinement caused by the manipulation of Lebanese media as well as the themes of freedom and escape. Bohsali, highly skilled in hyperrealist art and in tackling various media in atypical ways, explained to us very clearly his techniques and processes. The second exhibit displayed the works of Mohammad El Rawas in Agial gallery. The works were coupled as old and new creations, with key elements of the old figuring in the new. A third element was introduced also in the artwork; sculptures. Rawas’s art is very avant-garde and intriguing. Upon receiving insight from the artist, every piece appeared to have a special and personal significance to the artist himself. This trip allowed us to gather insight in the world of Fine Arts outside the realm of what is portrayed in the media alone. It also offered us art that tackles our own local issues. It also showed us that beautiful art is not limited to the Western world but can be found even in places in which we come across everyday, and that, in itself, is truly a thought to behold.”

                                                                                  Sam Kebbe & Hind Faiad (IB1)

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