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Green Learning
Posted 03/22/2016 08:06AM

Once again, the RB Middle School Environmental Pioneerswith the help of IBSAR- AUB organized a nature-based, educational planting trip. The destination this year was Hamana; Club members planted 40 wild pears, 50 cedars, and 60 oregano plants. During the trip, they discovered that the color of soil reflects its fertility. Yellowish soil is infertile but it can change with time if planting is to take place. Dead leaves and twigs fall on the ground and improve the quality of the soil as they decompose. That is why they planted areas close to trees and shrubs. They also learned that wild pears, cherries, and apples are the origin of the currently cultivated pears, cherries and apples.

They ended their trip with a short hike. At an altitude of 1400m, they were stunned to find clam fossils!

As one student reflected, “It was so cold in Hammana that I thought I would get hypothermia. But knowing that I am making a difference warmed my heart.”


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