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Growing green citizens
Posted 01/21/2016 08:04AM

Arbor Day at preschool (RB) was a great occasion to back up IC green day. During the week proceeding   December 6 students were engaged in various artistic activities mixing fun and learning to aim to encourage our young preschoolers to preserve the environment and to keep our planet green.  Nursery students designed their own trees using play dough, sticks, bottle caps… Some preferred drawing, while others enjoyed making a tree out of “collage”. Many chose to paint trees of various colors and sizes inspired by paintings viewed on the net.

During class discussions, many questions were thrown at the students, triggering their thinking pushing them to come up with their own answers about benefits of trees. The funniest statement was “we need trees to decorate for XMAS! “  By the end of the week students realized that we also need trees to play and climb, we need trees to eat fruits, we need trees to help us breathe clean air, and birds need trees to make their home…

To encourage our young learners to take care of trees, the school gifted every student a “baby tree” to take home, plant and care for.

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