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Make It Grow
Posted 01/12/2016 08:39AM

This year, 4A has been digging into the environmental issues that Lebanon is facing. In line with our first unit, which is an exploration into social organizations that work toward some type of positive change, the students decided to form into their own NGO with the mission of making positive, environmentally-focused change in our community. Their NGO is called ‘Make It Grow.’ The website allows students to record current and past projects, write regular blog posts about the goings-on of the NGO, and conduct polls. The Make It Grow team have a committed team of writers that write blog posts and took care of our mission statement/about page; a website design team that sets up the website’s basic architecture and helps the writers to transfer their words from paper to screen; a creative department that has been working hard to come up with a slogan and a logo; a team of journalists whose job is to record and report--in the form of videos, pictures, and other media--on the development of different projects; and an action team that coordinates and plans the logistics of the class’ upcoming action. To launch us off, a visitor from Arcenciel is helping us to organize a Waste-to-Art project to promote reuse over recycling. On top of this, students are creating green reminders to stick around school in places where we want to see a positive, green change in behavior. Some ideas for future projects that the students came up with include a walk/carpool-to-school day, writing letters to instigate green changes on campus, and many more. Keep an eye out for our name and logo! 

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