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Orientation for All at the Secondary School!
Posted 11/24/2015 08:31AM

The Secondary School certainly started off with a bang—orientation for students (during their advisory periods) and afternoon sessions of the parents of each class. Not to mention the college guidance and prep sessions given by Richmond University (UK), Sciences Po (France), New York Film Academy (UAE), Boston University (USA) and Glion Institute (Switzerland). On the local scene, Ms. Nadine Naffah, Associate Director of AUB Admissions, addressed 12th graders on October 27, and Ms. Meghry Khoshian will be addressing them on November 3. Ms. Assir also addressed Grade 12 on the application process, and as application deadlines approach, the offices of Ms. Marie Assir (for international applications) and Ms. Azkoul Soubaih (for local English speaking universities) continue to buzz with students.

The advisory period sessions have also included orientation sessions to computer programming and App Design with guest speaker Mr. Elie Khoury and to community service, presented by Mrs. Rindala Abdel Baki and her team: Ms. Zeina Chahine, Ms. Miriam Abou Atmeh, and Ms. Sawsan Husseini.

These orientation sessions provided students with an overview of school matters relating to their concerns as well as with the opportunity to ask all their questions.  When asked the purpose of these meetings, Mrs. Paula Mufarrij said, “What better way to get everyone on board? We are all on this journey together.”  Moodle courses are another venue for students to remain informed via the forum posts and calendars.

Continuous communication among administration, faculty, parents, and students is the best way to ensure that all concerns are addressed. This way no one will feel left out.

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