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Educational Technology Training
Posted 11/18/2015 10:12AM

Under the theme of educational technology, the Educational Resource Center organized a series of workshops for all the IC faculty in September. ET facilitators from the college’s six schools presented workshops that addressed the following topics: ActivInspire Active Board, Introduction to Moodle, Basic Library Skills, IPad tools and usage techniques, and educational technology Basic Skills that introduced the trainees to a variety of software and web tools that might aid the trainees in their educational and instructional endeavors. In addition, teachers visited two of the school’s online teaching and learning sites that they will use extensively throughout the school year – Moodle and Atlas Rubicon. Teachers set up or updated their Moodle courses that will be used to facilitate student classroom experiences, post assignments and information for study, and as a means of communication with both students and parents. Teachers will be using Atlas to develop, edit and expand their courses in the written curriculum throughout the year.  The ET Facilitators team headed by Dr. Mahmud Shihab consists of teachers from all six schools on both campuses, including Iskandar Abou Kassm, Nayla Abu Fadil, Rana Awkal, Maya Chebaro, Nadia Farah, George Hanna, Samar Kandil, Nadine Karam, Carole Katrib, Rosie Khalil, Robert Ledford, FidaMalak, Jinan Masri, Walid Matta, Dagher Mehanna, Hanan Sabra, Yussef Sayah, Lama Shihab, Lara Wehbe, and Dina Zein El Abidine. All of these facilitators are available to teachers throughout the year to assist with their educational technology needs.

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