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Posted 11/18/2015 10:07AM

 “The future will be either green or not at all”. The mastermind behind this quote is the Australian Senator, Bob Brown. “The environment is everything that isn’t me”-Albert Einstein. “Our population and our use of the finite resources of planet Earth are growing exponentially along with our technical ability to change the environment for good or ill”- Stephen Hawking. The growing issue of the destruction of our Environment has been addressed by people of influence. Some solutions have been found and implemented, but the main problem facing us is how unaware many are about this issue. To combat this, the ENO program has been launched. Yves Achjian, Leen Chanouha and Zane Mroueh, together with Mrs. Sawsan Kibbi took part in the ENO conference that took place in Joenssu, Finland. There, we, Environmental Pioneers of Middle School, attended hands-on workshops promoting the use of renewable energy, the topic of this conference. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw a vast number of people present at the conference including Ms Earth, an aspiring Portuguese singer and the Ambassador of Botswana, who befriended us.

During our stay we were housed in the Green Star Hotel, an environmentally friendly one as the name suggests. We also managed to make new friends and were introduced to new cultures. To protect our Environment and in the process to protect ourselves, we must act now!

As Leen puts it: “This trip was a unique adventure for us. It did not teach us only about the benefits of renewable energy and sustainable development, but also gave us insights for our future. It taught us how to be independent, how to be socially involved with people from around the world, how to develop our skills to solve environmental problems, and finally how to represent my IC while discovering the beauty of nature. This trip will be always engraved in our hearts.”                         

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