Upper School Ain Aar

The upper school at Ain Aar consists of the two upper levels of the Elementary School, (Grades IV and V; CM1, CM2) and the four levels of the Middle School (grades 6 to 9; 6ème to 3ème).

The Elementary School provides a safe, welcoming environment that fosters a love of learning through a student focused, inquiry based approach to teaching and learning. The philosophy of instruction addresses the whole child. Learning focuses on connecting the various disciplines: language, mathematics, science, social studies, personal and social education, physical education, creative arts- including music, drama and visual arts. To make learning relevant, engaging, meaningful, and challenging, children are encouraged to learn by inquiring, questioning, exploring and doing.

The Middle School is a four-year cycle covering grades 6 to 9 (1st Intermediate to 4th Intermediate). It offers three different programs: The Lebanese program, which prepares students for the official Lebanese Brevet examination; the College Preparatory Program, which is an English medium, non-Brevet program commonly known as the High School program which prepares the students for the High School diploma or the International Baccalaureate; and the French Program, which is a French medium non-Brevet program that eventually prepares students for the official French Baccalaureate examination.

All programs require that the following subjects be taught (different weight is given to different subjects depending on the program followed): English, French, Arabic, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies and Civics, Drama, Physical Education, Art, Music, integrated Information Technology skills, integrated library and research skills and Community Service. In line with the new National Lebanese Curriculum, grades 6, 7 & 8 (1st, 2nd and 3rd Intermediate) will be given Design Technology classes.

 The Lebanese Program is available to everyone, but only foreign students or Lebanese students who have lived abroad for at least three years or who carry a second nationality may join the College Preparatory or the French Baccalaureate programs. These students must obtain an exemption from joining the Lebanese program from the Lebanese Ministry of Education where they will also obtain an equivalency indicating which grade they are qualified to join.

The Lebanese Program consists of two tracks: French and English. In the English Track at the lower level, Math, Science and Social Studies are taught in English, civics is taught in Arabic and French is taught as a third or foreign language. Conversely, French is the language of instruction in the French track, civics is taught in Arabic and English is taught as a third language. Classical Arabic is taught as a main language in both the English and the French tracks. At the two upper levels, Social Studies, including Modern History and Geography of Lebanon and the Arab World, is taught in Arabic and a cultural studies course is offered in the main foreign language of instruction.

 In the College Preparatory Program (CPP), core subjects including, Math and Science, Art, Social Studies, Physical Education, IT, Lebanese Studies and Music are taught in English and French is taught as a foreign language. Correspondingly, all subjects in the French Baccalaureate Program are taught in French, and English is taught as a foreign language. A special Classical Arabic course is taught to students of both programs. In addition, an elective program covering subjects ranging from Health Education, Psychology, European languages, and fitness, is offered to all 3rd Intermediate, 4ème and 4th CPP students in order to expose students to a wider range of subjects not always covered by the core program.

 In accordance with the Philosophy of the College, the school is committed to educating students ethically, socially, and physically in addition to offering a rigorous academic milieu. The advisory program PSHE (Personal Social and Health Program) is based on four themes: personal relationships, social awareness, personal management and health education. Specific and structured activities are designed to allow discussion during the advisory period.

Evaluations take place at the end of every term. 

Upcoming Events

  • November 2018
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  • December 2018
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